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Aerator for Aquaculture

Time:2015-09-04 12:44:38



Aerator for aquaculture equipment normally used in shrimp or prawn ponds to enrich dissolved oxygen in water and clarify the water. Increase cultivation thickness and speed up the fish and shrimp′s growing. Prevent fish and shrimp from dying because of oxygen shortage.



Motor 1No

Copper Wire and Aluminum Motor Fan is suitable for super high temperature.

Protector inside to protect motor from burning down.


Reducer 1No

Low friction save at least 20% energy than traditional worm gear.

Arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface treatment.This ensures long life span and high rigidity.


Frame 1No

Made of # 304 stainless steel material.

Sturdy without deformation.

Comes with rings easy for fixing setting bars.


Transmission Shaft 2Nos

Made of # 304 SS material.

Sturdy and good quality.


Impeller 4Nos

Made of new PP material, one-piece blow molded.

Resist corrosion and sunburn.

Professional designed paddle with sufficient water splash, strong water flow and high oxygenation rate.


Motor Cover 1No

Made of new HDPE material.

Add additives to resist UV.


Float 3Nos

Made of new HDPE material and seldom crack.

Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and UV.

One-piece blow molded with absolutely no seeping.


Movable Joint 2Nos

Specialized dressing.


PP Bearing 2Nos

Made from new Nylon and rubber material.

Soft rubber sleeve to make shaft rotate smoothly.

"One-Piece Mold" design, nearly no "Pop-Up" problem.



◆Rated Power : 2HP/1.5KW

◆ Phase : 3PH

◆Voltage : 380V – 440V

◆ Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz

◆ Pole : 4

◆ Speed: 1420 RPM

◆Oxygenation rate: 2.6KG/H

◆Weight: 90KGS

◆20FT/40FT/40HC container load: 55/120/140SETS

We are a professional aquaculture equipment manufacturer providing Paddle Aerator , Impeller Aerator and Automatic Feeder.